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Meet the Marketing Channel of the Future!

Messenger Marketing is the latest form of conversational marketing using Facebook Messenger platform that helps to¬†interact and engage with 1.4 Billion users. You heard it right. It’s billion with a B.

Messenger bots should be your first choice to educate, engage and sell to your audience directly. Your customers use it every day and Messenger offers an average open-rate of 90%, click-through-rate of 30%, and an audience of over 1.6 billion users.

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Generate Leads

No more boring landing pages and costly lead ads. With a chatbot, Just ask your prospects for their business leads.

Integrate with website

Messenger chatbots can integrated with your website as live chat widget, button, pop-ups and landing pages.

Broadcast to subscribers

You can broadcast a campaign to all your subscribers at ones. And with 80% open rates, this feature is a gold mine.

A bot for every business

Here are some demo bots you can try out now.




Beauty Salons


Lead Generation


Real Estate

Why Messenger Marketing?

Email is crowded

Email has become a ghost town filled with spams and marketing mails which never get open. (make this h3)

Bot means business.

People who message businesses are more likely to shop with a business they can message.

People love chat

Your customers prefer messaging platforms to communicate with friends and businesses online.

More conversion

Start hundreds of conversations with potential customers and close them like a piece of cake.

Billion Active Users


Open Rate

CTRs compared to email

Used by the world’s most smartest brands

Why you can’t rely on Email Marketing anymore?

Research shows that people spent more time in Messaging apps than email, especially the younger and growing audience including GenZ and MIllenials. Emails have 1% to 6%¬† CTR and open rates and that’s pain in the ass of every marketer. So, It’s time to say,

Goodbye email, Meet Messenger!

Why it’s a smart move to start with Messenger now?

Messenger Marketing is going to be one of the biggest marketing channels in the next 5 years. That means today is the right time to make effective use on the huge opportunity of Messenger Platform and build a more meaningful relationship with your potential customers.

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